Construction Supply Chain Slowdown Amidst Outbreak


Builders and construction companies often rely on offshore construction material. Amidst the global coronavirus outbreak, the risk of production delays is inevitable.

A lot of material comes from China, the temporary closing of Chinese factories in February is beginning to show a slight slowdown in the timelines of major construction projects. The effect of factory closures has been inevitable. Whereas new findings show it is now more difficult to send equipment from China to Australia because goods are being restricted by the Australian Government.

The expenses of such delays bore by companies, triggering expense of up to $20,000 per day on large building projects.

In saying that not all companies depend on materials from China, some have entire supply chains located within Australia and Europe wide.

 It’s important for clients to understand the real reason behind the delays and give time to companies to arrange for alternative suppliers.

Director of Pulis Constructions, Michael Pulis, was quoted “We need to ensure the construction delays are addressed with clients beforehand. At present we need to be able to source other suppliers and ensure our clients and employees understand the situation.”

This also brings in another issue of how we have narrowed our supply chain options. Here on it’s highly encouraged that companies diversify their supplier to multiple around the globe to enjoy an undisrupted supply of materials.

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World’s 3D Construction Projects


Imagine living in a house that’s been printed by a printer? It looks like that’s where the future is heading. Everything from small products to entire communities is expected to be printed.

3D printers have gained recognition in various industries, for its fast and effective results. Around the world, 3D printers have been used for printing something as small as fish houses to real houses. The printer idea is fairly simple – use raw materials to layout exactly what you want with such a simplified automated system.

In construction, the 3D printer pipes out layers of cement which is specially-formulated. It adds a layer on top of the layer creating a wall that increases in strength with each addition. The printed uses the architecture design which has been feed to the computer.

“There’s a great deal happening with 3D printing in the construction industry in recent times,” said Mr. Michael Pulis. “3D-printing technology is bringing affordable and sustainable housing closer to reality” he added. The error factor is reduced to a fraction and surely that is just beyond impression as he exclaimed with excitement.  

The world’s first 3D-printed neighborhood is currently in southern Mexico. It is an entire area of small houses built by a gigantic 33-foot-long 3D printer. The printed housing community was created as a solution to minimize homelessness, providing safety and adequate shelter for individuals located here.

The printer is portable which allows it to be transferable. The printer is that it creates almost zero waste along with being able to function in situations where a lack of power, water or even typical labor infrastructure. It’s the perfect choice for low-cost houses in communities especially remote, poverty and disaster-struck areas.

The world’s largest 3D construction project is currently being completed in Dubai. Michael Pulis states “Dubai is known as a city that constantly tries to outdo other tourist destinations” “They have the world’s tallest building and now the largest 3D printed building being built in the world” Mr. Pulis added.

Dubai city has a goal of 3D printing 25% of all buildings by 2030. It looks like 3D printing is likely to change the world as we know it.

If you need a new house constructed contact Pulis Constructions for an obligation free quote. By the way, the house will be built using traditional methods and not using 3D printing just yet!

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Safety – Simple tips to promote a safe work environment


The importance of workplace safety can never be stressed upon enough. Poor safety standards on a construction site could result in fatal injuries and delay projects. An increase in incidents can cause the operational cost to increase, damage the reputation of the construction company and even have extensive legal consequences.

Workplace safety doesn’t have to be intensive but rather as simple as reducing human error and increasing awareness. All construction companies should have it upon themselves to make safety a top company priority. It’s important for employees on construction sites to be working under secure conditions. Any employee incident and accident should always be taken seriously. The result and situation understanding of which should be used as a learning step for a more secure workplace.

An individual alone cannot be responsible for the entire site hence, it is important to train and educate all employees making safety a collective responsibility. Safety training should always be an on-going process keeping all personnel updated with the latest industry standards. Companies are required to ensure all on-site staff has completed their site induction before commencing to work. Safety awareness is the key to preventing incidents therefore safety training should be done regularly and thoroughly.

There are various tools and equipment that are used on the construction site. The importance of these is that they provide adequate support at the workplace, making tasks easier to complete. The tools and equipment should be periodically tested and assessed to ensure personnel safety. Communication should be another critical part of any construction project. All workers should be able to understand their work responsibilities and communicate with their colleagues. There should systems in place, that allow workers to have awareness of daily workflows and able to get hold of proper documentation. It’s good to encourage regular meetings, team building activities and even implement training programs.

Any organization regardless of the field they are in can implement the basics of their organization making it a safer workplace for workers. Ensure your organization has Workcover for its employees and insurance in place, for injuries and various risks can occur at any time. Take care of yourself and your employees.

Bushfire Proof Housing


Pulis Construction’s philosophy is to achieve long term value to serve the best interest of all stakeholders, customers, employees, the Government and the society at large. I am confident that after the much-needed festive break the team will be ready to embrace all the upcoming challenges. As Richard Branson’s said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” And happy clients are our ultimate goal.

Climate change and its effect on our country are visible to all. Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected directly or indirectly by the ongoing bushfires. We hope the right resources and assistance is being delivered to the people who need it the most.

“What breaks me is that there was an article published by the Garnaut Climate Change review back in 2008, which stated by 2020 the fire seasons starting earlier, end later and gradually getting more intense”, said Michael Pulis.

In 2009, Victoria had Black Saturday where 173 people lost their lives and 2,029 houses were destroyed and yet we continue living without any change in actions that not only affect mother nature but the future we are creating for our future generations.

For the construction industry, an industry change was made, everyone knew more fire-resistant material needs to be a part of

Research Architect Ian Weir is known for his bushfire resistant designs. Concept designs were introduced for a cost of AUD$500,00 along with looking conventional.  Bushfire proofing can – and should – be incorporated into everyday life, Michael Pulis says. The primary cause for house loss in a bushfire is ember attack, and the weakest link for houses is often the timber decks or verandahs. New building standard determines the withstand bushfire attack ability of a property, most properties built before are unable to obtain or meet the standards. Understand what is best for you as you build houses.

There isn’t a lot that can be done until the fires have simmered down, until then: –

  • Stay Indoors as much as possible
  • Shut all the doors and windows
  • Set your air-conditioning system to recirculate air to reduce the amount of outside air getting in
  • Ensure you air your home once the smoke clears to release any trapped pollution
  • Do less strenuous exercise when outside
  • Wear a mask

If you’ve been affected by the Victorian bushfires and need some assistance please feel free to contact us and we shall help in the best way we can.

Email: or call us at 0429 192 529 to schedule an appointment.

Year-End Message from Michael Pulis


As 2019 comes to an end, I would like to take a few moments to thank you for your contribution to the successful growth of the company during this time, and to extend my best wishes to you and your family for the coming year.

The year 2019 was particularly remarkable for Pulis Construction. The dynamics of the Melbourne construction industry are changing and Pulis Construction’s contribution towards it has significantly increased. The number of projects taken up in 2019 has allowed the company to proactively position itself in an advantageous position for future opportunities.

In saying so, our greatest strength remains our human resources – that is you, each and every one of you – and the company’s commitment to developing its people to their full potential has remained as strong as ever. We hope to strengthen our team in 2020 and identify new customers throughout Melbourne.

Pulis Construction’s philosophy is to achieve long term value to serve the best interest of all stakeholders, customers, employees, the Government and the society at large. I am confident that after the much-needed festive break the team will be ready to embrace all the upcoming challenges. As Richard Branson’s said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” And happy clients are our ultimate goal.

I wish you and your families a joyous, peaceful and restful festive season and all the best for the New Year 2020.

Michael Pulis,


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Cladding crisis hits the construction industry


Construction projects across Australia could soon be impacted by hundreds of building surveyors. Building surveyors are unable to get insurance because of the recent cladding crisis. A few apartment buildings in Melbourne have caught fire due to flammable cladding this year.

As Pulis Construction Director Michael pulis said “The federal government should be involved in helping Victoria and other states find a solution to the cladding crisis.”

Surveyors are undergoing major difficulties renewing their professional indemnity insurance due to the building industry’s flammable cladding crisis. Some surveyors are pulling out of projects which are already in progress which is impacting builders and developers as they are unable to complete projects without surveyors. As a result, a ripple effect has led to other issues which are ultimately causing major delays on project completion dates.

Michael Pulis, Director at Pulis Constructions stated that it has been standard for small business surveyors to pay about $10,000 a year for professional indemnity insurance, but many are now paying up to $100,000 which is a huge increase.

Dangerous flammable cladding should never have been allowed on Melbourne’s buildings in the first place. No Melbournian should be living in danger because of flammable cladding in their homes. This is the first and foremost requirement, not only a builder but a human. We can assure that Pulis Construction is focused on building properties that are both safe and as meet our client’s needs. “I believe responsibility should lie with the Government because one of our Government’s main functions is to ensure the safety of its citizens and the cladding crisis has started by a failed system of regulations and enforcement,” said Michael Pulis.

Both the insurers and the Victorian Government are calling for a national approach to resolving the crisis. If you would like to discuss any upcoming construction projects please email or call us on the number below:

Email: or call us at 0429 192 529 to schedule an appointment.

Is the Construction Industry affected by Economic Recession?


Underemployment in construction is relatively high at the moment and the construction sector shows further signs of the impact of the nation’s economic slowdown. Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found underemployment in the construction sector has impacted tens of thousands of workers all around Australia.

Underemployment is the measure of how many of those working in a sector would like to have more jobs and it’s become a very serious problem for Australia’s economy.

Pulis Constructions Director Michael Pulis is staying positive. “Construction is highly important to the Australian economy, accounting for almost 1 in 10 jobs. I am confident that this economic problem will not impact us highly.”

As Michael Pulis says “The market may slow down over the next few months but there is enough work still in the pipeline to continue for many years. Things will pick up, they always do.”

Mr Pulis said he is not worried about the recession too much, what matters more is the capacity and ability of the banks to lend money to eager property investors and to get borrowers ‘over the line’. That means changing lending criteria and loosening conditions we currently have with the major banks.

Drop us an email if you would like us to quote any upcoming construction projects. You are in good hands with Pulis Constructions.

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A little guide to what it takes to become a construction manager


Every construction company has the position of construction manager in the company. A construction manager is one of the most important persons for both the company and the client for every project.

A construction manager owns a construction project from the beginning to the end, making him or her in charge to ensure the project is feasible, the designs are compliant, the project is being managed well, the budget is not extended, the timeline is being met and so so much more. An overall analysis would show that every construction project is a baby that needs attention and care so it can develop into a beautiful end product.

So, if you are looking to know what traits are required to become a construction manager, here are a few listed below: –

  • Project Management Skills – It is key that the construction manager is able to show a history of managing time schedules, coordinate meetings, working with stakeholders, negotiating agreements and able to quote projects.
  • Communication Skills – A great strength to have is a strong listener and communicator, able to work effectively with others on the team, motivate the team and act as a representative when presenting the company to stakeholders.
  • Document management Skills – Every project has an inflex of documentation that arises as a project starts developing. A key ability to follow up with third-parties, stakeholders and suppliers are immensely crucial. Understanding contract requirements and constructions standards depending upon the need of each project and compose reports accordingly.
  • Technical Skills – A construction manager must be able to read technical drawings, have software skills with various construction management software and familiarity with machines and equipment.
  • Analytical Skills – The ability to stay composted when problems arise and have problem-solving skills. A project can be delayed for various reasons and a construction manager should be able to handle the pressure and have a cap on problem-solving at all times.

Additional skills may be required by companies so make sure you educate yourself, explore the industry and speak to a professional for more details.


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Building your own home is one of those precious moments in life that many people might only get once; like getting married or having your first child, building your own home is a pretty big deal. If you have found yourself in the fortunate position of seeking land to build a home on, finding the perfect block in Melbourne suburbs is everything. While each individual will have personal preferences and specific items on their checklist of what their ideal block of land must include, there are a few things to keep in mind before jumping into buying your block of land.


While this will be largely influenced by personal preference, there are some general considerations which can help you select the perfect block of land for you. Think about what you will be using the build for; is it for your family to grow together? Is it going to be a home that you will potentially sell in 3-5 years time? Even if you plan to hold on to your property for the medium to longer term, life can happen in wonderful and sometimes crazy ways; being prepared and having a property which you are not going to struggle in selling could be a potential lifesaver for you one day. Being close to transport, good schools and shops is another important consideration and can greatly affect the resale value of your home. You should consider things like whether the block is prone to flooding or bushfires; particularly in Australia which is a country of extreme weather. If you do purchase a block in these areas, make sure to chat with your project manager about specific building requirements and considerations as you might need to use specific materials in certain areas which can significantly increase your cost. For example, if you are looking to purchase a block near the coast, you will need to consider materials which do not rust or easily erode with salt.


This is an important one. We recommend that you have a chat to your local council before purchasing any land in regards to the zoning of that specific building block, as well as surrounding blocks. We recently had clients who bought a beautiful block only to have their neighbours subdivide and build two large dwellings which have blocked their view and a significant amount of sunlight on their property. It is usually relatively easy to find out about zoning online and can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run.


When it comes to buying land, size really does matter. It can be helpful to have a rough idea of your desired house size, i.e. how many bedrooms you want and how important a backyard tennis court or swimming pool might be for you. Do not underestimate “breathing space”; there is nothing worse than squashing a beautiful big home on to a tiny block. This can result in a suffocated home which will lose its sense of space. You should also consider the shape of the block; take note of the boundary carefully and particularly any awkward corners. While a rectangular block is the most popular, different shapes can add a point of difference to your home; some architects love unique blocks with different shapes and sizes because they can create bespoke and inspiring spaces for your home.


If you have ever worked with or engaged an architect or designer, you would have heard about the importance of orientation. In the southern hemisphere, northern facing blocks are recommended as using the sun as a natural light source can reduce the need for heating/cooling systems in your home and subsequently reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions; something we at Pulis Constructions value greatly.

Decide On Your Style

Deciding on the style of home you would like to build, might seem irrelevant in the early stages; but it is important to consider from the beginning. If you already know that you would like a large wrap around balcony on your new home, you will want to ensure that the orientation of your home will compliment this. You don’t want to have a huge balcony which looks straight on to your neighbour’s bathroom, or gets boxed in by your boundary line. We also recommend that you consider the style of other surrounding homes of the building block as this will also have an impact on the general feel of your home.

Block Incline

Last but certainly not least, is to consider the incline of the block. While some blocks have a beautiful view as a result of a steep incline, this can add significant excavation costs. This will largely depend on your budget but you should also consider what is more important to you; a view or proximity to shops, transport and schools. While this is only a tiny taster of what you should consider when choosing a block to build on, if you would like to know more (or maybe you just need a little bit of guidance), don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced and sought-after Project Manager.