Bushfire Proof Housing

Pulis Construction’s philosophy is to achieve long term value to serve the best interest of all stakeholders, customers, employees, the Government and the society at large. I am confident that after the much-needed festive break the team will be ready to embrace all the upcoming challenges. As Richard Branson’s said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” And happy clients are our ultimate goal.

Climate change and its effect on our country are visible to all. Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected directly or indirectly by the ongoing bushfires. We hope the right resources and assistance is being delivered to the people who need it the most.

“What breaks me is that there was an article published by the Garnaut Climate Change review back in 2008, which stated by 2020 the fire seasons starting earlier, end later and gradually getting more intense”, said Michael Pulis.

In 2009, Victoria had Black Saturday where 173 people lost their lives and 2,029 houses were destroyed and yet we continue living without any change in actions that not only affect mother nature but the future we are creating for our future generations.

For the construction industry, an industry change was made, everyone knew more fire-resistant material needs to be a part of

Research Architect Ian Weir is known for his bushfire resistant designs. Concept designs were introduced for a cost of AUD$500,00 along with looking conventional.  Bushfire proofing can – and should – be incorporated into everyday life, Michael Pulis says. The primary cause for house loss in a bushfire is ember attack, and the weakest link for houses is often the timber decks or verandahs. New building standard determines the withstand bushfire attack ability of a property, most properties built before are unable to obtain or meet the standards. Understand what is best for you as you build houses.

There isn’t a lot that can be done until the fires have simmered down, until then: –

  • Stay Indoors as much as possible
  • Shut all the doors and windows
  • Set your air-conditioning system to recirculate air to reduce the amount of outside air getting in
  • Ensure you air your home once the smoke clears to release any trapped pollution
  • Do less strenuous exercise when outside
  • Wear a mask

If you’ve been affected by the Victorian bushfires and need some assistance please feel free to contact us and we shall help in the best way we can.

Email: info@pulisconstructions.com.au or call us at 0429 192 529 to schedule an appointment.