What happens at a pre-construction meeting with a builder?

So, you have purchased the land, got your permit and found your builder for the project you are about to commence. What is next before commencing the building phase? Well, you need to have a pre-construction meeting with your builder. It is an essential step to take because without a formal meeting neither side can fully understand the project.

Establishing an overall strong relationship with your builder will benefit all throughout the construction process.

What should I expect from the pre-construction meeting?

Your builder is well versed in the sectors they work in and are familiar with the issues that may arise. An accomplished builder ought to have no issues guiding you through the building project and answering your related questions.

A meeting with your builder allows you to take a complete tour of your new project. It is precisely this time when you might want to make some changes or come up with new ideas in regards to your project. You can also go through the contract again and ask specific questions if you aren’t clear on a particular point.

In addition, it is the perfect time to choose a starting date for your construction manager to start building. A starting date must be suitable for both parties and it could be arranged during the meeting.

During this meeting, you will review all the technical and administrative elements of the construction. This includes a complete review of the construction plan. Together with your builder, you can review the electrical plan (placement of switches, sockets, circuit breaker and etc.) placing of the water heater and plumbing structure in general. You can choose the colours, cupboards, floor boards, plastering, roofing and anything else you would like to discuss.

To be prepared for the meeting you need to think about everything about your project and take notes of the important things you want to ask or bring up. You need to have a clear image of your entire project in your mind to be able to express it to the builders.

Builders will appreciate as much information as you can give them because at the end of the day, they want to deliver a high-quality project to their customers and it is not possible without knowing what the customer wants.

Two of the greatest factors in any project are time and budget. Having an idea of your financial plan and time period you’re happy with will help you plan things more efficiently. The final phase of a pre-construction meeting would be finalizing the contract. Once the contract is signed by both sides, it is safe to say that you are halfway to project completion. Before signing the contract, make sure you have read it thoroughly. If you want to change some points make sure to discuss it with the builder.

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