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Our fathers, partners, brothers, and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young and we can’t afford to stay silent.

We can’t afford to stay silent anymore. For 30 days your mustache turns you into a walking, talking billboard for men’s health – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Month-long events are being hosted by Movember Foundation, be sure to check out and appear for great events.

#Movember #Moustache #MoBro


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Building your own home is one of those precious moments in life that many people might only get once; like getting married or having your first child, building your own home is a pretty big deal. If you have found yourself in the fortunate position of seeking land to build a home on, finding the perfect block in Melbourne suburbs is everything. While each individual will have personal preferences and specific items on their checklist of what their ideal block of land must include, there are a few things to keep in mind before jumping into buying your block of land.


While this will be largely influenced by personal preference, there are some general considerations which can help you select the perfect block of land for you. Think about what you will be using the build for; is it for your family to grow together? Is it going to be a home that you will potentially sell in 3-5 years time? Even if you plan to hold on to your property for the medium to longer term, life can happen in wonderful and sometimes crazy ways; being prepared and having a property which you are not going to struggle in selling could be a potential lifesaver for you one day. Being close to transport, good schools and shops is another important consideration and can greatly affect the resale value of your home. You should consider things like whether the block is prone to flooding or bushfires; particularly in Australia which is a country of extreme weather. If you do purchase a block in these areas, make sure to chat with your project manager about specific building requirements and considerations as you might need to use specific materials in certain areas which can significantly increase your cost. For example, if you are looking to purchase a block near the coast, you will need to consider materials which do not rust or easily erode with salt.


This is an important one. We recommend that you have a chat to your local council before purchasing any land in regards to the zoning of that specific building block, as well as surrounding blocks. We recently had clients who bought a beautiful block only to have their neighbours subdivide and build two large dwellings which have blocked their view and a significant amount of sunlight on their property. It is usually relatively easy to find out about zoning online and can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run.


When it comes to buying land, size really does matter. It can be helpful to have a rough idea of your desired house size, i.e. how many bedrooms you want and how important a backyard tennis court or swimming pool might be for you. Do not underestimate “breathing space”; there is nothing worse than squashing a beautiful big home on to a tiny block. This can result in a suffocated home which will lose its sense of space. You should also consider the shape of the block; take note of the boundary carefully and particularly any awkward corners. While a rectangular block is the most popular, different shapes can add a point of difference to your home; some architects love unique blocks with different shapes and sizes because they can create bespoke and inspiring spaces for your home.


If you have ever worked with or engaged an architect or designer, you would have heard about the importance of orientation. In the southern hemisphere, northern facing blocks are recommended as using the sun as a natural light source can reduce the need for heating/cooling systems in your home and subsequently reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions; something we at Pulis Constructions value greatly.

Decide On Your Style

Deciding on the style of home you would like to build, might seem irrelevant in the early stages; but it is important to consider from the beginning. If you already know that you would like a large wrap around balcony on your new home, you will want to ensure that the orientation of your home will compliment this. You don’t want to have a huge balcony which looks straight on to your neighbour’s bathroom, or gets boxed in by your boundary line. We also recommend that you consider the style of other surrounding homes of the building block as this will also have an impact on the general feel of your home.

Block Incline

Last but certainly not least, is to consider the incline of the block. While some blocks have a beautiful view as a result of a steep incline, this can add significant excavation costs. This will largely depend on your budget but you should also consider what is more important to you; a view or proximity to shops, transport and schools. While this is only a tiny taster of what you should consider when choosing a block to build on, if you would like to know more (or maybe you just need a little bit of guidance), don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced and sought-after Project Manager.

Look into the future of Green Building Materials in Sustainable Construction

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Global warming has fostered the growth of sustainable construction materials all around the world. Sustainable construction encourages the use of environmentally friendly material and energy-saving solutions to minimise the impact on the environment whilst increasing efficiency, functionality, aesthetics and economic benefits.

Green building (sustainable construction) is now an inevitable trend in countries around the world. Building materials typically considered to be ‘green’ include renewable plant materials like straw and mud brick, timber from forests certified to be sustainably managed, recycled materials and other products that are non-toxic, reusable and renewable.

Green building products and materials Building Materials Derived from Soil such as unburnt bricks and clay materials. Common clay house bricks as a building material have the advantage of high thermal mass, so they can be used to store or absorb heat to help provide temperature stability inside a home.

Bamboo is a material used in construction works in many countries for thousands of years however, it’s always been underutilized. Recent structures show an increased influx of this traditional building material due to its eco-friendly nature. Bamboo is also easily grown and harvested, allowing it to become one of the most cost-effective construction materials to date.

HempCrete is the newest material in the building industry because of its quick growth and replenishment ability. A simple mix of hemp woody interior with lime and water becomes an airtight, breathable yet flexible insulator. The HempCrete is a mold-free, pest resistant and almost fireproof combination.

Timbercrete is another combination on the rise, which mixes timber wastes together for a lighter and greener concrete accompanied by greater strength and insulating capabilities when compared with regular concrete. The timbercrete is extremely user friendly, which can be nailed and even sawn easily by anyone.

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Blocks is a relatively new building system that started in Australia with thermacell blocks. These are made from expanded polystyrene foam and are hollow inside, which can later be filled with concrete. They are like giant toy blocks that provide thermal insulation as well as are non-combustible.

If you are looking for a construction company to build your house with sustainable building materials, get in touch with Pulis Constructions at 8390 7759 or 0429 192 529.

Have you seen the current jobs we are tendering for?


We at Pulis Constructions, work relentlessly to provide our clients the utmost proficiency in delivering top-notch construction solutions and services. We comprehend every aspect of our client’s requirements and deploy all efforts on providing the customised solutions at most affordable prices. 

Our current projects we are tendering for include:

  • 15 boutique apartments just off Pier Street in Altona
  • A double story childcare center in the heart of Footscray
  • 5 contemporary and elegant townhouses in Hawthorn
  • Multi-story building apartments next to the Yarra River, Heidelberg Park, Freeway, Golf Course and much much more

We take pride in our work and offer superior construction with great attention to detail. When we give our word, it is as good as done. Our contracts range from $100,000 to $30,000,000. All our clients receive value, quality and certainty.

You can trust that your build is in good hands with Pulis Constructions.

Did you know we also offer Shop Fitting services as a full service solution?

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Pulis Constructions is a full-service, Melbourne owned project delivery, commercial / residential / industrial building and fitout company.

As a commercial builder we construct lasting facilities in a clean, timely, and cost-effective manner. We believe in long term relationships built on trust earned in the field. We construct warehouses, shops, apartments, townhouses, commercial spaces and we also provide full shop fitting services to our clients as a full-service solution.

Our recently completed Shop Fitting projects include:

  • Diwan Kebab & Grill, Epping North
  • Fisherman’s Pier Fish & Chippery, Bundoora
  • Grosser Brauner Patisserie, Epping North

We deliver accurate budgets, realistic schedules and an unmatched building and project delivery experience. Working with us when designing, planning and delivering a commercial project will save you time and money.

Satisfied clients, repeat business and client referrals are a testament to our consistent track record. Every project, regardless of the size, is treated by us with the same commitment to quality and respect for our clients, partners and contractors.

Providing great customer service is as equally important to us as building a quality project. We are dedicated to providing our customers a service that is rich in communication, honesty, sincerity and care. Relationships are important to us. We don’t want to just build one project with you…! We want to build a trusted partnership with you and as a result, a relationship that is everlasting.

We would love to hear from you to discuss your next project.

Drop us an email or call us at 0429 192 529 to schedule an appointment.

Choosing the right building partner is important. So why choose us?

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  • Exceptional Customer Service 
    You will receive exceptional customer service through the entire project with clear and open communication. We encourage client participation assuring you of effective outcomes.
  • Experience
    You can relax knowing that your project is being managed by a knowledgeable and experienced team.
    We offer skilled, expert advice on any matter when it comes to your building project.
  • Registered Builder
    You will deal only with a registered builder who stays abreast of Industry codes and practices and conforms to their standards for the class of work concerned.   
  • Trusted Tradesmen
    You can be certain that our hand–picked team of specialist tradesman are not only reliable but have the experience to work at a range of Domestic and Commercial building projects.
  • Clear, Honest Communication
    Your building investment is important to us. So we take the time to work with you to create best possible outcome. From start to finish, we meet, talk, consult and ensure we understand your goals and needs.
    We will transform your vision into reality.
  • Client Participation
    You will be involved through the entire project. From the initial design process through to final handover. We have regular client/builder meetings as well as via phone or email.
  • Our Projects Are Not Mass Produced
    You can be sure that your commercial or domestic project is as unique as you are. We cater for the discerning owners, like yourself, interested in building a tailor made construction to suit your lifestyle.
  • Locals Supporting Locals
    Your investment will go straight back into the local community.  We are committed to local investment, employing the best local contractors, labourers and apprentices. Supplies are sourced locally which guarantees your investment is going back into the local community.

To speak with our friendly Construction Manager please call today on 0429 192 529.

Why Building A New Home Is Better Than Fixing Up An Older Home

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Love Your Location But Not Your Home?

You live in a great location, good school for your children, your favourite shops and you are right around the corner from all your friends and family.  But your current home is just not meeting your needs or aspirations anymore.

The thought of selling and buying a new home in a completely different location is just not up for debate and carries its own set of associated costs. What are your options?

You are faced with choosing between renovating your current home or doing a knockdown / rebuild. You are not alone, this is an increasingly common choice facing Melbourne homeowners. To help you figure out which would be the best option for you, we have put together some of the factors you need to consider.


Renovating is often seen as the cheaper and easier option. It is, for smaller projects. If all you need to do is upgrade the kitchen, remove a wall or two to create an open living area and replace floor coverings then the total project cost will be a lot less than building from scratch.

However, the reality is that renovating costs more per square metre than building new. This means that for extensive renovations, aimed at creating your dream vision of how you want to live, the cost equation might not be so clear cut.

For a start, with extensive renovation projects a major cost is demolition, repair and refurbishment. A renovation demolition takes careful disassembly and manual demolition which takes longer and incurs a greater cost. In addition, every wall, cupboard and door that is retained requires repair and refurbishment to bring it up to a modern standard. Ask yourself why would you want to use a large portion of your budget removing and repairing items than custom building them?

Another cost factor to consider with renovation is the reality of unforeseen costs and delays. Some renovation costs just can’t be identified or anticipated before work begins. Footings that need reinforcement or underpinned; rewiring or replumbing of the older parts of the house or flooring that need to be completely replaced all add extra cost and time to the project.

Lastly and importantly, a renovation means you will need to compromise the design of your home. The ideal design you have in your mind must be changed and modified to fit in with the existing structure. Some key feature that you may want and could achieve with a new build may just not be possible with a renovation.


One of the obvious benefits of a knock down/rebuild is being able to stay where you are, but in a beautiful new home with all the modern design and features you would want.  Your design does not need to be compromised, all the layout and features that you dream about in a new home can be achieved.

With a knockdown/rebuild demolition is relatively quick and easy and occurs as one operation after which construction of your new home can commence. Construction will proceed quicker because the builder doesn’t have to work around the existing, sometimes complicated, frame and roof of the existing house.

On the cost side, the total cost a new build may be more than a renovation, but in the long term it will be better value. Not only do you get a house with modern design features but the resale value will be much higher. Your potential buyers do not have to worry about whether the renovation was done properly or worry about the age and condition of the parts of the house that weren’t worked on. They also won’t be put off by the design compromises you made to fit your vision around the old house.

Finally, with a knock down/rebuild you will know the costs of your project up front. Estimating the cost, a new build and sticking to the budget is a lot easier than estimating a budget for a renovation and then dealing with all the surprises and unforeseen costs.

Weigh Up the Costs

Land is becoming extremely scarce in popular suburbs and knocking down and rebuilding your home, or doing a complete renovation are becoming a standard project in home building.

So, which is for you? Ultimately the best way to decide on whether to renovate or do a knockdown/rebuild is all determining what you want to achieve, the associated short and long term costs of each option. At first glance renovating may seem like the easier option, but when you take into account design flexibility, cost, resale value and risk factors, doing a knockdown/rebuild may be the better option.

What happens at a pre-construction meeting with a builder?

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So, you have purchased the land, got your permit and found your builder for the project you are about to commence. What is next before commencing the building phase? Well, you need to have a pre-construction meeting with your builder. It is an essential step to take because without a formal meeting neither side can fully understand the project.

Establishing an overall strong relationship with your builder will benefit all throughout the construction process.

What should I expect from the pre-construction meeting?

Your builder is well versed in the sectors they work in and are familiar with the issues that may arise. An accomplished builder ought to have no issues guiding you through the building project and answering your related questions.

A meeting with your builder allows you to take a complete tour of your new project. It is precisely this time when you might want to make some changes or come up with new ideas in regards to your project. You can also go through the contract again and ask specific questions if you aren’t clear on a particular point.

In addition, it is the perfect time to choose a starting date for your construction manager to start building. A starting date must be suitable for both parties and it could be arranged during the meeting.

During this meeting, you will review all the technical and administrative elements of the construction. This includes a complete review of the construction plan. Together with your builder, you can review the electrical plan (placement of switches, sockets, circuit breaker and etc.) placing of the water heater and plumbing structure in general. You can choose the colours, cupboards, floor boards, plastering, roofing and anything else you would like to discuss.

To be prepared for the meeting you need to think about everything about your project and take notes of the important things you want to ask or bring up. You need to have a clear image of your entire project in your mind to be able to express it to the builders.

Builders will appreciate as much information as you can give them because at the end of the day, they want to deliver a high-quality project to their customers and it is not possible without knowing what the customer wants.

Two of the greatest factors in any project are time and budget. Having an idea of your financial plan and time period you’re happy with will help you plan things more efficiently. The final phase of a pre-construction meeting would be finalizing the contract. Once the contract is signed by both sides, it is safe to say that you are halfway to project completion. Before signing the contract, make sure you have read it thoroughly. If you want to change some points make sure to discuss it with the builder.

site safety


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There can be a lot of opposing interests when it comes to the construction industry. Clients want projects built to suit their needs. Construction companies must balance budgets with quality work to deliver on the promises they made. 

The heart of the whole construction process should be the safety of everyone involved.

Making work sites safe

Work sites can be quite dangerous with heavy machinery and lots of people trying to get their job done there is always a chance of serious injury, not only for workers, but site visitors as well.

Project managers and subcontractors visit construction sites regularly. They need to be familiar with the equipment and heavy machinery in use.  Working at heights can be especially dangerous and care needs to be taken at all times.

Before any worker can set foot on a construction site, he or she must be fully aware of the possible hazards. Ignorant workers are perhaps the biggest dangers in any industry, as their unknowing mistakes put everyone else at risk.

Every person that steps foot onto a construction site should be aware of the risks associated with the job and how to prevent them with their knowledge of construction site safety. It is the construction managers job to make sure that every worker is aware of the dangers that come with working on a construction site and they must protect workers from these dangers.

Providing Training

One thing that can help everybody avoid major accidents on any building site is proper training. Workers on construction sites should have a solid understanding of the work taking place around them. If workers know when high risk work is being carried out, they can keep an eye out for the potential risks.

Safety Communication

As well as harm caused to the injured person, unsafe activity can end up costing valuable time and money which in turn ruins carefully planned budgets and schedules.

Safety professionals are vital to any construction project and play a critical role in communicating and ensuring all health and safety regulations are followed by both visitors and workers, and to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

There is no excuse for poor safety practices on a construction site. Whilst efficiency and production are important, health and safety of everyone involved should take priority. Direct communication of the day’s goals and activities will cut down on surprises that could cause bodily harm. Without proper communication between everyone on the construction site, workers won’t know what to expect. Clear and concise communication with everyone not only makes the project go smoother but also helps keep each person informed and safe.